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Family is one of the most important parts of a person’s life. However, not all families are perfect and sometimes have to go through difficulties such as divorce.


Child Custody

Child custody involves ensuring that there are equal visitation rights for the parents and that everything has been set up securely and justly. If one of the parents gets exclusive child custody and visitation, the other parent should still get to visit the child. Our attorneys that deal with this kind of child custody are concerned with the children’s rights and try to see that the parents have the right amount of visitation with their children.

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Child Support

Child support involves the amount of money that one parent needs to pay another when it comes to separations and divorces in families. The families generally need to have great child support attorneys to ensure that they receive the amount of money they deserve. We all know that children can be expensive, between food, housing, education, extracurricular activates, medical bills, and other unexpected expenses.

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Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order given to prohibit someone from coming near you or contacting you. Sometimes you may feel as if you need to get a restraining order because of the situation you are in with someone else. It seems to be a difficult decision when it comes to a relationship that is older than 2 years. It is good if you first understand what it is and how it works. Filing for a restraining order may be a stressful experience.

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Spousal Support

Spousal support is a matter that becomes difficult to be handled sometimes. When it comes to spousal support, the person who is receiving the support is concerned with how much they can receive; while the one who is paying is concerned with how much he will be asked to pay. When you start the process, the most important thing to know is if you are the one who will pay or receive the spousal payment.

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Family Law Appeals

If you are thinking of appealing a decision in your family law matter or need to respond to a Notice of Appeal from the other party in your case, call our family law appeal experts at Tritt & Tritt right away.  There are strict deadlines to file a Notice of Appeal or Respondent’s Brief in all cases and prompt action is required for your attorney to preserve your rights.

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Property Division

In California, several families deal with the unfortunate life event of divorce, which is also called a dissolution of marriage. In a divorce, or dissolution of marriage, our divorce and property division work to find each party what they’re looking for with the least amount of stress as possible. We are aware of how psychologically distressing this life-changing event can be, particularly when children are involved.

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