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Child Custody and Visitation

Best Child Custody Attorneys in Orange County
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What is it? Child custody involves ensuring that there are equal visitation rights for the parents and that everything has been set up securely and justly. If one of the parents gets exclusive child custody and visitation, the other parent should still get to visit the child. Our attorneys that deal with this kind of child custody in Orange County are concerned with the children’s rights and try to see that both parents have the right amount of visitation with their children. Our attorneys are concerned about the

  • Addiction habits of the parents
  • Child’s health
  • Honesty of the parents
  • Location of the parents in relation to the child’s school and friends
  • Relationship the child has with their parents
  • Time the child spends with each parent

Tritt & Tritt Family Law Attorneys want you to know that California law says that both the mother and father of a minor child are equally entitled to child custody. Child custody and visitation arrangements are determined by a California court using the “best interests of the child” standard. Factors that the court considers in determining the “best interests of the child” include:

  • The health, safety, and welfare of your child
  • Any history of abuse by either parent or any other person seeking custody is a factor.
  • The amount of contact time the child has with both parents.
  • The existing relationship the child has with both parents.
  • Any alcohol or substance abuse of either parent

Modification of Child Custody in California

If you are considering a modification of your current child custody and visitation order, contact the Orange County child custody lawyers at Tritt & Tritt for a consultation to discuss your present needs.

In California, child custody and visitation may be modified at any time as long as the child is a minor (under 18 years of age), as circumstances may change over time. Usually, the person seeking a modification of an existing order is required to show the court that there has been a significant change of circumstances since the last court order.

When seeking a modification of child custody and visitation in California, the court is required to schedule mediation. The mediation will be set before or at the same time of any court hearing regarding custody and visitation. If the parties resolve the matter in mediation, the modification agreement is submitted to the court for approval. If mediation cannot resolve the issue of child custody, a hearing before the judge will be necessary.

Why Should You Choose Tritt & Tritt?

Tritt & Tritt Law Attorneys are here to inform you that child custody in Orange County does not need to be difficult. The law in the state of California says that both parents of a child can get child custody, and we have a child custody attorney that is there to make sure that each parent is satisfied with the results of their child custody and visitation. In the court, our child custody attorneys know that California is interested in making sure that each parent is as satisfied as possible and that the child comes first. Our child custody attorneys make sure that this occurs in the courts and that all families are being treated fairly.

When dealing with child custody in Orange County, our child custody attorneys know exactly what laws equate to divorce laws. The attorneys make sure that you know that child custody refers to the lawful commitment a guardian has to mentor and support the child they are taking care of. Child custody and visitation is a subject that emerges when a married couple wants to separate or get a divorce, or even when partners who are unmarried desire to separate, and yet share custody of their child. If one of the spouses has had trouble with the law in the past or has proven to have habits that are dangerous to the child, our lawyers will look at securing child custody for the most qualified parent.

Even if you are thinking about changing the child custody and visitation arrangement you currently have, our experienced child custody attorneys have the most well studied and empathetic lawyers to meet your desires and those of the child. We ensure that you know facts that several do not; such as that in Orange County, child custody and visitation may be altered at any time if the offspring is younger than eighteen years old. However, there needs to be a reason that the change is taking place. Our child custody lawyers care about our clients and know how difficult the process of divorce is, particularly when kids are involved. We just want everyone to walk away feeling like they got a fair deal, and as though their lives haven’t been too disrupted. Due to our years of experience and vast knowledge on the subject, we promise you’ll be happy with the results.

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