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Child Abduction

Best Child Abduction Attorneys in Orange County
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What is it? Child abduction is more common than most people are aware of. It is the removal or detainment of a child. Oftentimes child abduction is carried out by one of the parents in a family during a divorce, wherein the parent takes the child secretly, by persuasion, or even through violence and threats.

The Orange County child abduction lawyers at Tritt & Tritt help people in their time of need involving child abductions. Tritt & Tritt have over 26 years of experience protecting the legal rights of family members who are victims of child abductions.

If you have been victimized by a child abduction or know of someone else that needs help, contact Tritt & Tritt to discuss your legal needs.

Family Child Abduction

According to the California Child Abduction Task Force, family and nonfamily abductions are viewed as forms of child abuse. It is commonly acknowledged that there is psychological trauma inflicted upon a child abducted by a non–family member. It turns out that there is also trauma when a child is abducted by a parent or another family member. Whether children are abducted by a person unknown to the child or by a family member, they suffer serious psychological and emotional trauma.

Tritt & Tritt Family Law Attorneys know that the motive for family abduction often results from a custody dispute over spousal support, child support, anger, revenge, or as an expression of control over the other parent. Children are affected by family abduction and struggle with negative feelings towards both parents that include fear, guilt, shame, confusion, and divided loyalty. Often these children are traumatized, forced into living like fugitives, or plunged into a life of poverty, instability, deprivation, and neglect.

The most common abduction is parental child abduction and it occurs when one parent has unauthorized custody of a child and takes the child. This is illegal and a form of child abuse. Our child abduction attorneys are experts in these matters and we make sure that child abduction in Orange County is dealt with justly and swiftly. The other, less common kind of child abduction occurs when strangers take a child for organ trading, slavery, sexual abuse, human trafficking, adoption, ransom, forced labor, or other unforeseen reasons. Finally, there is ‘infant abduction’ and fetal abduction, where the fetus is stolen; this usually occurs in medical settings.

This is a horrific situation, and our lawyers are very sensitive to the psychological effects this can have on a family. Our child adoption lawyers ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, as we are aware that this is a sensitive time for everyone.

Why Should You Choose Tritt & Tritt?

If you were given physical and legal custody of a child, and then the other parent took the child without saying they would take the child, you’ve come to the right place. Even if the other parent moved to another country and you need to find them, we have child abduction attorneys that will help. Our Orange County child abduction lawyers have over twenty years of experience protecting family members who have had to deal with child abductions.

Tritt & Tritt have the expertise to help with circumstances that can be as traumatizing and awful as these. We deal with child abduction in Orange County, ensuring that we find a way to get your child back to you, we make sure that you feel satisfied. Our child abduction attorneys deal with multiple custody situations that cannot be foreseen. In addition to this, our child abduction lawyers are acquainted with the various discrepancies and legal difficulties, with government connections, and with different types of hearings. Our child abduction attorneys act fast, making sure that we can get a child back to Orange County after the child has been abducted, as no parent should have to go through something as difficult as this.

Our child abduction attorneys are aware that the reason for child abduction is generally from a custody problem or an emotion problem on the side of the other parent or guardian. Generally, the other parent’s psychological concerns overshadow the needs of the child and this affects both you and your child negatively. Not only are our child abduction attorneys experts in these situations, but we are caring and careful, and want to make sure that your child is as unaffected as possible, is safe, and has a voice.

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