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Child Support

Best Child Support Attorneys in Orange County
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Tritt & Tritt Family Law Attorneys deal with child support in Orange County. We make sure that parents get their proper child support from spouses. Our child support attorneys are experts in the field, as we have over twenty years of experience in protecting rights of all the individuals that have to deal with matters of both spousal support and child support.

What is Child Support?

Child support involves the amount of money that one parent needs to pay another when it comes to separations and divorces in families. The families generally need to have great child support attorneys to ensure that they receive the amount of money they deserve. We all know that children can be expensive, between food, housing, education, extracurricular activates, medical bills, and other unexpected expenses. Divorces are also costly and difficult and when the parent goes from two incomes to one income. Our child support attorneys make sure that the parent who ends up with the children for the largest amount of time has enough money to take care of daily expenses. We provide the best child support in Orange County because our child support attorneys have been doing it for over twenty years and have dealt with every different kind of situation imaginable. Our child support attorneys are sensitive to these situations as well and know how difficult these processes can be for everyone in the family.

Child Support

Call the Orange County child support lawyers at Tritt & Tritt today to discuss your current situation. We are here to assist you.

California courts may order either or both parents to pay any amount necessary for a child’s support. In California, a child under the age of 18 is legally a minor child. There are some circumstances in which the court may order support for an adult child as well.

Tritt & Tritt wants you to know that the payment of child support cannot be waived by either party. However, it is also true that an agreement can be reached to an amount of child support that is below the state guideline if certain conditions are met and the court approves the agreement.

There are many factors that go into determining the level of financial support to be ordered by the courts for the care of the minor child. These factors include:

• Your net monthly disposable income
• The amount of time the child spends with each parent

Why Should You Choose Tritt & Tritt?

The child support attorneys at Tritt & Tritt know all the details about child support in Orange County and in California because it’s our specialty. We make sure that you are aware that the spousal support payment that results from a divorce or separation is taken care of with ease. We are aware that some courts can decide that one parent must pay the other, and that court can define the amount of money and the amount of time. Our child support attorneys make sure that the court thinks about certain elements that can be helpful to you such as:

  • Ability to pay (the income)
  • Age and the medical situation of the parent
  • Financial and medical needs of the child
  • Health and age of the parent
  • Length of marriage
  • Parents’ net worth
  • Tax issues involved
  • The way the individual lived previously and their current housing situation

Our child support attorneys know that these are difficult times and difficult circumstances and that, if the child is under eighteen years of age, the child needs to get support from at least one of the parents. In the best scenarios, the child support terms can be worked out successfully, and that both parties agree to child support state guidelines. Our child support lawyers just want to ensure the best for your children, and everyone else in the family. We guarantee that you get the most experienced and sensitive child support lawyers to handle all your needs and concerns.

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