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Articles & News About Family Law in California

Choosing Top Family Law Attorneys in Orange County, CA

top family law attorneys orange county

Family law is a legal specialty that deals with issues that directly relate to family relationships, including child custody, child welfare, alimony, divorce, adoption, and much more. A state has to determine the minimal requirements related to such issues, and these vary from one area of jurisdiction to the next. In fact, the laws related to family issues vary based on ...

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How to Find Best Divorce Attorneys in Orange County, CA

best divorce attorney orange county tritt law

If you are looking to get a divorce, and currently living in Orange County, California, then the most important part of the process is getting the right lawyer to handle the divorce case for you. A divorce is also known as a dissolution of marriage. It consists of dissolving the marriage, dividing property, and decides how to take care of the children. Divorce is stressful ...

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