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Tritt & Tritt Family Law Attorneys help people obtain legal guardianships and conservatorships of minors. Tritt & Tritt have 26 years of experience making sure that conservatorships and legal guardianships are legal and binding. Tritt & Tritt have the experience and success in California courts for you to feel confident in your decision.


If you are considering a legal guardianship, contact the California guardianship lawyers at Tritt & Tritt to discuss your legal needs.


California Guardianship

A California guardianship is appointed for California juveniles whose parents are unable to take care of their children anymore. A few examples of why parents are unable to care for their children include physical illness, military deployment, drug problems, alcohol problems and/or child neglect. In California, there are two types of guardianships; both are handled by the probate courts. 


Probate Guardianship of the Person

A child’s guardian is responsible for meeting the child’s basic needs which include protecting and safeguarding the child, providing food, clothing, and shelter, and also medical care and their education through high school.


Probate Guardianship of the Estate

A child’s estate guardian is often times appointed when a child has inherited a large sum of money or a valuable property from a deceased parent. The guardian will be in charge and manage the child’s financial affairs until the child is 18 years old.


Probate guardianships do not terminate the parental relationship, but the guardianship may end when the parent can resume taking care of the child. Tritt & Tritt Family Law Attorneys are able to help one petition the court to be appointed as a legal guardian, whether you are an aunt, uncle, grandparent, or friend of the family. 

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