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Child Support, Spousal Support, and Family Support

Tritt & Tritt Family Law Attorneys help people get their proper court-awarded child and spousal support. Tritt & Tritt have 26 years of experience protecting the legal rights of family members involved in child support and spousal support. 


Child Support

Call the Orange County child support lawyers at Tritt & Tritt today to discuss your current situation. We are here to assist you.


California courts may order either or both parents to pay any amount necessary for a child’s support. In California, a child under the age of 18 is legally a minor child. There are some circumstances in which the court may order support for an adult child as well.

Tritt & Tritt wants you to know that the payment of child support cannot be waived by either party. However, it is also true that an agreement can be reached to an amount of child support that is below the state guideline if certain conditions are met and the court approves the agreement. 


There are many factors that go into determining the level of financial support to be ordered by the courts for the care of the minor child. These factors include:

• Your net monthly disposable income
• The amount of time the child spends with each parent


Spousal Support

The Orange County spousal support lawyers at Tritt & Tritt want you to know that California law allows for the payment of spousal support in a divorce (judgment of dissolution) or legal separation. The California court may order one party to pay spousal support to the other party in any amount, and for any period of time that the court finds reasonable. Following are some factors that the California court considers when ordering the payment of spousal support:

• The current earning capacity of each party
• The past marital standard of living
• The marketable skills of the party seeking spousal support in getting work
• The contribution of the party seeking spousal support to the training and education of the other party
• The ability to pay spousal support
• The needs of each party based upon the marital standard of living
• The length of the marriage
• The health and age of the parties
• Any tax consequences of each party
• Criminal conviction of an abusive spouse


Tritt & Tritt understands the factors involved in determining spousal support may be difficult to understand. Call Tritt & Tritt Orange County family law lawyers today to discuss your situation.

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